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Welcome to Kyodo India

With a rich history of over 40 years, Kyodo India has been committed to serving and supporting some of the best Japanese Pharmaceutical, Technologies, Products and Services since 1980.


Kyodo has strong business relationship with majority of the Japanese in addition to Indian pharmaceutical companies. The company has its offices in central Tokyo, Japan. Its Indian office, Kyodo India, was established in 1996 with branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kerala. 


The organization has served numerous partners in their various pharma projects and businesses including multiple turnkey projects for innovator as well as generic companies in the Healthcare industry.  Kyodo has also been instrumental in supporting the Indian pharma industry by facilitating joint ventures and strategic collaborations with Japanese pharma companies for more than two decades.

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Always striving towards being the first mover for introduction of the latest class leading technologies and products launched in the Japanese markets into India.

After Kyodo India introduced the First Japanese All Electric Injection Molding Machine to the Indian market more than 3 decades ago, Kyodo has continued to stay at the forefront of its business while introducing path breaking Japanese products in various industry verticals.

While Kyodo International has diversified business interests in the Automotive, Plastics, Refrigeration, Telecom, Pharma and the Cold Storage Industries, Kyodo was also amongst the first movers in India to advise Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Technical Collaborations with Japanese Companies. Which we continue to do even today.

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