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Asaclean Purging Compounds India

Kyodo has been supporting the Plastics Industry with the world renound Asaclean Purging Compounds in India since the year 2004.

With the virtue of trust that we have been able to create with our customer partners over the last decade, numerous companies across India have moved on to using Asaclean Purging Compounds which are the best in its class.

Not only do Asaclean Purging Compounds help with the upkeep of the machine, they also assist in making the production process efficient and smoother.

Its not a product, Its a "way of life" for an Injection Molding Machine. Help your machines DETOX today.

Understand Defects / Black Spot Problems and how to resolve them

Asaclean Purging Compounds India

• Powerful and very safe

• Worlds Best and Industry leader

• Alternative to Costly Purging Compounds

• Designed to clean out your machine

• Benchmark quality, over-the-top service and unrivaled experience.

• Effective Color & Contamination removal

Knock out Impurities

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Cleaning Power Everywhere
Asaclean India

• Get Cleaning power everywhere, not just here and there

• Excellent compatibility & Material Affinity with various types of Thermoplastic’s

• Thermally Stable & Ideal for shutdown & Sealing

• Resin based Purging Compounds

Power in Every Pellet
Kyodo Asaclean

• High-speed Purging Compound for changeovers that beat downtime!

• Ensures complete, ultra-fast color/resin changeover to minimize downtime

• Proven ability to keep output moving at top speed

• Purge resins between 320°F ~ 790°F

Defects are one of the main reasons for material loss at a production site. We did an internal analysis to understand the defect type occurances. From the following chart you will notice that about 60% of the defects are due to degraded resin which remained inside the cylinder.

Black Spots are a major concern to any Molding Company. The occurance of Black Spots not only results in loss of material but also a major loss in Production Efficiency and Time. The following chart depicts reasons for Black Spot occurance.

Asaclean Kyodo india

Structure of Screw and Nozzle

Generation of Resin Layer

The Screw and Nozzle have spots where it is difficult for the resin to be removed.

The Screw will be covered by a resin layer when resin is purged and will remain covered during production and will not be purged out.

The resin remaining in the machine will degrade due to heat and oxygen.

With further degradation, resin will get carbonized and come out from the machine as black spots.

Further Oxidation

Occurrence of Black Spots

Get rid of these problems by using the tried and tested technology of Asaclean Purging compounds.

Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.

Asaclean Purging india

Have a Trial Conducted and Experience the Difference

One of our engineers nearest to your works will facilitate and conduct a free Asaclean trial along with your team.

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Asaclean India Kyodo
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