DENBA+ Benefits and Features

DENBA+ gives you a host of benefits which support the entire supply chain system.

The normal Time to Market could be anything from 1 day to almost 10 days before the product actually reaches a consumer.

Before the product reaches a consumer, the entire supply chain is in fire fight to bring the product into the market at the earliest. This with most cases is to prevent rotting of the food, which results in wastage and a big revenue loss for most part of the supply chain.

With the DENBA+ system you are able to keep the produce or product fresh for a much longer period of time, thereby reducing wastage and making sure the Consumer gets the best quality produce.

Benefits of DENBA+

  • More than double the shelf life in most cases, supporting freshness from Farm to Plate.

    • Fruits

    • Vegetables

    • Poultry

    • Meat

    • Sea Food

    • Bakery Products

    • Sweets

    • Dry Fruits

  • Retain more than 98% of Weight, Flavour and Taste

  • Nearly no change in weight of products even after 8 months of storage

  • Almost no change in Taste

  • Supress bacteria growth, keeping food fresh for a long period of time

  • Prevention of Mixed Odor

  • Thawed foods retain their original Shape, Color and Taste

  • Even at - 4 Deg. C, DENBA+ does not allow the product to freeze, thereby preventing Drip