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DENBA+ Food Chain Preservation - Freezing - Thawing Systems

For the First time in the World and now brought to you in India, a Enhanced Food Chain Preservation Technology DENBA+ that Supports, Grows and Sustains your business like no other.

Kyodo is the exclusive partner of Agua Shouji in India and is proud to present the latest in food Preservation Technologies from Japan. DENBA + A patented Japanese Technology that is creating ripples in the food and storage industry the world over.

DENBA India is focussed at increasing the Shelf life of Farm Produce, Poultry, Meat, Sea Food and Bakery products and reduce wastage.

Help India rid the Food Wastage Problem today and adopt a Technology that supports Increased Shelf Life and yet delivers a sustained and profitable business model for you.

  1. Preservation upto 2 times with reduced Ageing
  2. Thawing with over 50% reduction in Drip
  • Supression of Bacteria Growth
  • Prevention of Mix Odour
  • Little change in freshness after prolonged Storage
  • Almost no Change in Taste

As a business owner, while you profit from this technology you also help everybody in the Supply Chain.

While you make freshness available to all, we believe, its also a service to the Nation and our Economy.

Industry Solutions for :
  • Cold Storages
  • Refrigerators
  • Chillers
  • Deep Freezers
  • Warehouses
  • Mobile Storage

With the exclusive DENBA+ technology, we cause electrostatic field to be generated within a refrigerated area, with electronic vibration, whereby water molecules are unable to freeze even under the sub-zero environment ( It is harder for Bacteria to survive in such temperatures and the created environment  ).

The electric field also prevents food oxidation, as well as antibacterial effects. This system can be deployed in a stationary or mobile refrigerator and freezer, including Cold Storages.

The system also has an effect when deployed in room temperatures. Although the results may vary.

Integrate DENBA+ in your entire supply chain to gain maximum benefit



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