DENBA+ Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to purchase new Freezing System, Cold Storage for Denba !
No, you do not need to purchase any new freezing system or cold storage.
"DENBA +" system can be retrofitted to be installed to any current facility you are using.

How is sanitation? And will bacteria grow?
Do not worry, the system is designed specifically to deter bacteria growth.
In a bacterial prevention test, data shows that foods preserve in DENBA+ affected fridge have significantly less bacteria than foods preserve under normal condition.

What will happen if different foods are put together?
Preventing odor from mixing with each other is also one of Denba+'s feature.
You may put any kind of foods together, the smell will not spread and mix with each other.

Is there any benefits for the foods?
Normally, food will be frozen once 0℃ is reached. However, for DENBA+, food will remain unfrozen.
Frozen water molecules, also known as water crystals, are spiky and sharp objects that pierce through cellular tissues. These crystals impale meat and Vegetable Produce, and leave micro holes after thawing. This causes internal fluids and juices to drip out of the ingredients, resulting in the food becoming tasteless and stale. 
DENBA+ allows food to be kept between -2℃ to -5℃ and still remain unfrozen. Under this circumstance, no spiky crystals are formed, prevent impalement to food and therefore keep the delicious juice within.

What are the conditions after defrost?
Weight loss, color change and foul odor does not occur under the influence of DENBA+.
DENBA+ make electrons to stay within foods, which reduces oxidation that causes negative effects listed above.

Power consumption is very low, almost unnoticeable. 
Power consumption of one system is only 0.6Wh, keep it running continuously for a full month only consume 0.4kWh.We have created various case examples of Before and After for various products stored in the DENBA+ environment.

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