DENBA+ Working Principle

With the exclusive technology, DENBA creates static fields within the confined environment.

The minor electronic vibrations prevent water molecules from solidifying under 0℃ to -4℃, creating a sub-zero chilled environment.

The effects include Bacteriostatic, Bactericidal and also prevents foods from Oxidizing. Within DENBA+, the electron's micro Vibrations prevent the Molecules from combining.

By this technology, DENBA+ achieves maintaining freshness for ingredients and give them an environment to age more slowly.

DENBA+ Effective Range
  • With electronic micro vibration, freezing of water molecules does not occur even in sub-zero environment.

  • Under sub-zero temperature, Bacteria are unable to grow, they are also eradicated by the electrostatic field.

  • If two discharge plates are installed on opposite sides, the effectiveness doubles.  

  • The electric current is very low, even if it is exposed to human body directly, it will not cause any harm ( Similar to daily life static electricity, which we experience )

DENBA+ Main Controller
DENBA+ Main Controller