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Efficiamax™ Fuel Treatment

Inefficient combustion, as a product of low quality fuel, is the reason why the current engine is not efficient.  It would cause two problems:

  • Burn rate is not optimal

  • Carbon build-up which could deteriorate your engine


Those problems results in unburned hydrocarbon deposits inside the engine, causing engine wear and increasing maintenance costs with time.

Efficiamax® Ten-35 is the ONLY fuel treatment in the world that reduces soot and smoke and other harmful emissions a guaranteed 40%, and in many cases much higher. Efficiamax® reduces the harmful emissions that damage the environment.

In brief, Efficiamax™ fuel catalyst is a engine fuel package that increases mileage and decreases combustible carbon residue from 25 to 60 %. It is super concentrated.

Overview of Efficiamax™ Fuel Treatment

Efficiamax™ fuel catalyst emerges as the solution that improves combustion by lowering ignition point


With the addition of the catalyst, the fuel can now use the oxygen more efficiently inside the engine, and is able to continue burning down to a lower temperature, this means the energy is used inside the engine rather than the exhaust.


Consequently, it would minimize unburned hydrocarbons, reduce emissions

and improve performance. It contains an effective catalyst which lowers the

required energy of activation essential for the combustion of carbon-based

fuels  thus providing less carbon deposits, soot, smoke and particulate matter.

How the Efficiamax™ Fuel Treatment works

Efficiamax™ fuel catalyst contains organo-metallic compounds and mineral oils that improve molecular dispersion which in turns increase the surface area of fuel droplets. By increasing the surface area, Efficiamax™ could help the fuel to be mixed with air more easily.  

Through higher air-fuel ratio, Efficiamax™ helps to catalyze more complete combustion.


This resulted in more air content on every part of the fuel particles which consequently would help the engine to burn more of the available energy.  Thus, less carbon and smoke emitted from exhaust stacks due to unburned fuel. 

Features and Benefits of Efficiamax™ Fuel Treatment

Efficiamax™ fuel catalyst provides the needed lubricant to keep fuel pumps and injectors in top condition.  

Dirty Injectors :

  1. Poor fuel combustion

  2. Higher emissions

  3. Reduced HP and torque

Clean Injectors :

  1. Optimized combustion

  2. Less emissions

  3. Maintained fuel delivery precision

Today's high tech fuel injector are very sensitive to water contamination.

Efficiamax™  contains demulsifier to remove water trapped within the fuel. Water is dropped to the bottom of the tank, where it can be safely removed without harming your fuel system. All hydrocarbon fuels are corrosive by nature. Corrosion inhibitors act as filming agents to protect fuel system surfaces.

Bacterial growth in stored fuels has long been a problem. The biocides in Efficiamax™ allow for indefinite fuel storage without bacterial growth. This property makes Efficiamax™ a necessity for stand-by power generation and other applications where fuel will be held for long periods of time.

Direct Benefits

  • Extended engine life

  • Longer overhaul and maintenance intervals

  • Significantly reduce harmful emission

  • Lower engine temperature

Indirect Benefits

  • Cleaner emissions and probable carbon credits

  • Reduced emissions maintenance

  • Extended lifespan of fuel injectors and fuel pumps

  • Increased fuel efficiency

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