Harmo Conveyors and Box Filling Systems

Harmo has a wide range of Conveyors, Box Filling Systems and Customized Stock Systems.

While a high degree of automation is available, these systems are extremly user friendly and a must have for every production floor.

Harmo Conveyors - Box Fillers and Automation

• Angle Adjustable Conveyor Systems

• Box Fillers for Single or 2 Axis Robots

• Customize Automation Systems

Harmo Conveyors

• Various Sizes & Control Options available

• Durable Aluminum Frame

• Wide Variety of Belts

• Angle Adjusters

• Controller Box

• Single Pole Stand Option available

• Rich Line up of Gear heads available

Harmo Box Filling Systems

• Inverter Motor Type Box Filling System

• High Cycle Box Filling System ( 10 Secs )

• Return Type, High Cycle Box Filling System

• Belt Conveyor Type Box Filling System

• Multi Point Stop Function ( Horizontal )

• Slim Designs with 27% smaller footprint

• Standard palletizing for Multiple Points

Harmo Customized Stock System

• Automatic Tray Filling System for Parts

• Double Deck Filling System receives an empty box and out feeds the filled box

• The Palletizing system can position, assemble and palletize products when the robot cannot place the products on the tray because of their shape or quantity.



Industries Served

Plastics Processing


Cold Storage and Warehousing

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Telecom Sector

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