Harmo Overview

Kyodo is the exclusive partner of Harmo Co. Ltd., Japan. Kyodo India exclusively represents, supports and services the complete product range in the Indian market.

While Harmo has a global presence in more than 20 countries including India, Harmo was one of the first companies to have been certified with an ISO in its industry. Harmo has always been at the forefront of technology and carries various patents for various products.

Harmo has a strong market presense in India, supporting various installations in Robots, Sprue Pickers, Gran Cutters, Mixers and other Peripheral equipment.

Harmo Robots and Harmo Sprue Pickers

• Robots for 15 Ton ~ 4000 Ton IMM

• Patented & fastest Sprue Picking Robot

• Proprietary HRS Controller

• CLEAN ROOM READY also available

Harmo 7 Axis Robot with Auto Quick Changer
Harmo Robots and Harmo Sprue Pickers

While realizing light weight and Multi functional equipment, Harmo has always lived upto its motto of "Simple is Best".

With In-house development of High Speed Cylinders, Multi-Axis Motor Control and Software, Harmo is at the forefront of offering Robots and Sprue Pickers that perfectly match the customers specifications, realizing low cost, upgrading design and pursuing high functionality.

Harmo 3 & 5 Axis Robots

• Equipped with HRS-1300 Controller

• Up to 1000 Internal Mold Memories

• HAL-NET remotely control Auxiliary Equip

• Variable Telescopic arm to fit low ceilings

• Points teachable in 0.01mm increments !

• Super High Speed - Dry Take out 0.3 Sec

• Freely set up to 256 part release points

Harmo Single Axis Robot

• Equipped with HRS-500 Controller

• Up to 50 Mold Memories

• Function oriented sophisticated design

• Digital AC Servo driven traverse Axis

• High Speed and Quiet operation

• Traverse-out / Traverse-in sprue release

• Optimum for 50t to 220t IMM size

Harmo Sprue Pickers 1 & 2 Axis

• HRS-700/520/10G/HRS-40 Controllers

• Up to 50 Mold Memories

• Durable, Beautiful and Stylish

• High Speed operation

• Patented Dual Shock Absorber System

• Easy and quick mold change-overs

• Extruded aluminum kick frames

Harmo Robots for Vertical Molding Machines

• Equipped with HRS-130 Controller

• Up to 50 Internal Mold Memories

• Gripper Slide mechanism

• Single and 2-Axis Servo Drive

• Part Extraction & Insert Molding Applictn

• Wrist Rotation Mechanism

• Space Saving Telescopic tope arm

Harmo Precision Molding Robots

• HRS-110/120/150 controller’s

• Up to 40 Internal Mold Memories

• Accuracy of Repeatable Positioning

• 2 and 4 Axis Servo Drive System

• High Speed and High Cycle

• Low Overhead Installation

• Stable high-cycle motion on 3 plate molds

Harmo Technology is developed keeping the user in mind. While the controls are extremely user friendly, the technology also focusses on maximizing plant automation.

  • The most IOs in the class ( 56 each )

  • Maintenance messages gives users the best time for maintenance.

  • Points can be taught in 0.01mm.

  • Error logs make users know the possible causes of a problem.



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