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Micro DC Motors and Permanent Magnets

Kyodo is the exclusive partner of JMI Motion, a leading Japanese DC Motor and Permanet Magnet manufacturer.

JMI has a complete R&D and Product development center operating from four Japanese locations along with 5 overseas locations with manufacturing in Japan and China.

JMI has been supporting the Automotive, Consumer Durables, Electronics, Mobile Phones and the Electronic Toy's Industry since 1993

Various Automotive and Non Automotive Tier-1 manufacturers are supported by us in the Indian market with millions of custom made Permanent Magnets and DC Motors every year.

A comprehensive range of standard or custom made DC Motors and Permanent Magnets are made available to you at extremely competitive pricing while offering the finest in Quality.

DC Motors Range
  • DC Micro Brushed Motor

  • DC Brushless Motor

  • DC Fan Motor

  • DC Coreless Motor

  • DC Planetary Gear Motor

Permanent Magnets Range
  • Isotropic Ferrite Injection Magnet

  • Isotropic Ferrite Rubber Magnet 

  • Isotropic Ferrite Sinter Magnet

  • Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B Magnet

  • Isotropic AlNiCo Magnet

  • Isotropic SmCo Magnet

  • Isotropic Nd-Fe-B Magnet

Since the Product range of DC Motors and Permanent Magnets is very large, please use the following matrix for a clearer understanding of our capabilities and Product lines.

Permanent Magnets Range
DC Motor Range

Contact us today and experience the change.


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