Kyodo Partnerships

With over 4 decades of Experience with our associate company in Japan.

KIC ( Kyodo International Corporation ) has brought to the Indian Market exclusive class leading partners with leading technologies and product lines since 1975.

Today the company prides itself with having succesfully established various Japanese Brands in the Indian Market along with having managed large Turn Key Projects in various industry segments.

  • Harmo Co. Ltd. - Japan
  • Asahi Kaesi ( Asaclean ) - Japan
  • SOPH GmbH ( Magbo ) - Germany
  • Japan Magnet - Japan
  • JMI Motion - Japan
  • Filtagreen International - USA
  • Agua Shouji Co. Ltd. - Japan
  • NECO - Japan
  • Marubeni Machine Tools - Japan ( Strategic Joint India Alliance for other products )

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