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MICO Hydraulic Quick Mold Change

Kyodo and MICO Myoungjin partnered for sales and services across PAN India. Kyodo prides itself with having partnered with companies who are amongst the world leaders in the Industry Automation equipment accross the globe.

MICO Myoungjin is a reliable and innovative general equipment company that provides a quick, accurate, safe and easy die change system for the equipment’s, including a press, am injection molding machine, a die casting, and a forging machine.

Main products includes the quick mold change systems (QMC System), the mold rack, the power unit, and the mold moving cart.

Paying attention to the invoice of customer, MICO Myoungjin is endeavoring to meet the customers need based on the “Quality First” Philosophy.

Let's understand "the MICO Quick Mold Change System" through a video

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